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released March 24, 2018


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World of Difference


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Track Name: A Matter of Respect
Used to be more that swore to live true
World’s tried to break us but we kept fighting through
Sat back for so long but refuse to change
'Fuck the fads and easy fixes that destroy your brain'

Excuses but it's true
You chose to fuck up, you chose to lose
Save yourself through
Living the straight edge, relying on you

A scrap of society I know that you'd hate
Constantly fucked up, I'll never relate
More fucking vacant every day that goes by
Borderline addict, you'll drink ‘til you die

Living my own way
Think for myself but follow one rule
Proud of my world view
Always been my choice to be true

Always been a yes man, can't think for yourself
Trapped inside a culture that's not making you well
You drink and smoke and sniff ’til you lose your grip
Accept your role in life
You're just another coked up dick

Worthless society, pushed to the brink
Now we’re striking back
Force your mind to think
Track Name: Living Dangerously
You're outta control when you touch a drop of booze
Should have to pay but there's always an excuse
Can't accept that you've overstayed your use
A desperate attempt to stay part of what's cool

It's hard not to judge the joke that you've become
Acting tough to keep your place, a worthless hanger-on
You'd do anything to keep your image on the up
Sink to any depth just to get a little buzz

I used to love the person that showed up when we hung out
Thought you were having fun but now I have to doubt
You're on a one way journey with no happy end
A self-destructive lifestyle I refuse to comprehend

It's time, it's time to stand up
Stop fucking leaning on that waste of life crutch
The person underneath is still the same
As the one I remember before drugs reigned

It's a self-destructive lifestyle I refuse to comprehend
With drugs and booze you're sure to lose
I'll tell you that my friend
Track Name: The Night the Line was Crossed
You live for the session, I wouldn't call that a life
Work all day to get a fix but think that you're fine
Twisted everyday, it's no cause for alarm
Just because it’s legal means you think it's no harm

Try to be different for me
Chose to keep my mind free
Always live by the pledge
Mind clear, I've got the straight edge

Live with the poison you ingest everyday
Think you're in control but its grip's taking sway
Liquid's pouring in, I see you start to drown
Tide's already turned, started dragging you down

Try to be different for me
Chose to keep my mind free
Always live by the pledge
Mind’s clear, I'm fucking straight edge

World of Difference Straight Edge Go!

You’ve gotta change the way you live your life
Because now's the time to recognise
Downcast fucking attitudes
Won't start to change until you choose
Track Name: Heat Wave
Tighter and tighter
You're wound until you break
The stress makes you pine for
The release that you crave

Fuck that weak mindset
Just be yourself
How can life get better?
When you use the drink to help?

I've had to watch it control you, alter who you are
I hope you reclaim the old you
Before you take it too far
Abandon the substances, reach out for help
Regain your consciousness
Be proud of yourself
Track Name: When Worlds Collide
Time to wise up, purge that shit from your veins
Wrecks your decisions, your mindset isn't sane
You know deep down it's poison, twisting you inside
You're trying to hide your feelings, I see it in your eyes

You're not in command of your mind
Still you try to pressure me to follow you blind
Don't need, don't want that shit you push on me
A slave to that addiction I will never be

You try to kill my confidence by acting like it's wrong
To choose a different lifestyle
A mental state that's strong
But judgments cannot change me
You'll never have the right
Try force me to break and I'll end your fucking life

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